Marit didn't show something exciting on Junior Championships, but anyway she started by national team in end of 1999 years, when norwegian stars were Benta Martinsen Scari, Hilde Pederson, Anita Moen Guidon ( also were so great skiers like Lazutina, Danilova and Chepalova, Noimanova Katerina). Unfortunally Marit couldn't got world cup points in 1999-2000 years season (point have gotten throw get to one from 30-first places in race).
Marit had gotten first points in next season, when she could had places in 30-first sometimes. Result was 53 place in total qualification 2000-2001 season. Note that in those times she was more better in distance races than in sprint.
Also Marit had finished 2001-2002 season on 32 place in total rank of World Cup.
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