Marit Bjorgen ( was born 21 march 1980 year in Trondheim, Norway) - is one from most great and famous modern professional skier .
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 64 kg.
Parents: Kristin (training instructor and swimming guard) and Ola Ivar Bjorgen (working in the forest industry).
Club: Rognes IL(Norway).
Coaches: Svein Tore Samdal and  Egil Kristiansen.
Equipment: Fisher (skis and boots), Swix (poles, clothes, waxes).

Education: colledge.
Languages: norwegian, english.
Hobbies: friends, family, sport, nature, interior. Like kayaking.
Boyfriend: co-habitant (Fred Borre Lundberg - medallist of winter olympics 1990 and 1992 years in nordic combination).
Press-attache: Rolph Nereng (early worked with Bjorn Dahli).
Marit began training in twelwe years old. She also was training in handball and football sections in teenager ages.

This makes her happy: to reach her goals.
This makes her sad: wars in the world.
Her strong sides: strong in body .
Her weak sides: skating technique.
What she's going do after 10 years from now : working with children.

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