Former Norweigian Coach Samdal claims Bjorgen's coach is lying
Published: Wed Feb 28, 2007 3:38 PM MST
Updated: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:41 PM MST

Former Norwegian womenís head coach Svein Tore Samdal is upset at current womenís coach Egil Kristiansen. He claims that Marit BjÝrgenís boss is lying.

Last seasonís Norwegian womenís head coach Svein Tore Samdal has up until now consciously avoided commenting on neither Marit Bjorgenís results nor other cross country related issues in the media. He broke that silence following this yearís coach Egil Kristiansenís comments in Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen.

Kristiansen claimed (following Bjorgenís poor results in the 10- K freestyle race. (See "Not in shape" that he had tried several times to get hold of Samdal on the phone without succeeding. He also claimed that Marit BjÝrgen's training program this season is almost identical with what she did during Samdal regime the last several seasons.

"Totally false!"

"What Kristiansen says is not correct. First of all, I donít understand why he is making such comments in the media. Why not make this simple and talk to me directly? When he in addition claim that he has tried to get hold of me several times, why donít I have his number on my display once in 2007? I havenít talked with Egil Kristiansen since last fall," says Samdal.

He is also considering the claim that Bjorgen is training the same way as last year as totally false.

"I have enough contact with Marit (Bjorgen) and others to know whatís being done at camps. Itís very far from what we did last year. They were very direct in making it known that that they were going to make changes this spring, and thatís fine. Every coach should be able to choose his philosophy, but you should then stand for this," says Samdal.

"I havenít bothered commenting on this before now, but I have to say something when the national team leaders are lying. The people can believe whoever they want," adds Samdal.

Samdal's principles:

Adresseavisen talked to both Egil Kristiansen and Kristin StÝrmer Steira yesterday. Kristiansen claimed on Monday that Steiraís change in direction away from Samdalís principles was the reason she is now back among the Worldís best skiers (3rd in the pursuit and 4th in the 10km).

Steira hit the wall early in the fall and used two months with very easy training to recover. Steira is saying that it probably wasnít training alone or isolated that set her back. Steira also said that she started using last seasonís training program after the set- back, and that this saved the season. The program consists of Samdalís principles with blocks consisting of hard and frequent (daily) interval session, followed by easier periods between the blocks.

"There have been a few changes, but I followed the same principles as last year after the setback, that saved the season. Egil Kristiansen is completely aware of my training program, underlines Steira.

Kristiansen disagrees with Steiraís comments.

"She has used some blocks, but a reduced version. Its light version of what she used in 2005/2006 and her training was very controlled," says Kristiansen.

Svein Tore Samdal is saying this about Steiraís training:

"Kristin had problems this fall and it had nothing to with training. She got a program from me after this and she used this for a period before she continued training as she had in the previous seasons."

Marit Bjorgenís record:

Overall World Cup winner 2005/2006

Overall World Cup winner 2004/2005

Overall World Cup 2003/2004: 2.

Olympic silver 2006

World Champion 2005

Tour de Ski 2007: 2

World Cup 2007/2007: currently in second place

Number of World Cup starts: 109

Number of World Cup podiums: 41, including 27 first places

Number of World Cup points scored: 4945.

Editorís note:

Beckie Scott, Canada used a program similar to Samdalís principles in the 2004/2005 and the 2005/2006 season.

Beckie was 4th in the pursuit at the 2005 Worlds after taking more than 4 months off that summer.

She had her best ever season in 2006 with 9 World Cup podiums including four victories. She was also second in the overall 2005/2006 World Cup.

Hilde G. Pedersen, Norway credited using Samdalís principles for finally winning a World Cup race at age 41 in 2006.

**Torbjorn Karlsen was Beckie Scott's coach.

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Svein Tore Samdal
Samdal and Bjorgen were both tearful after Bjorgen's impressive 30km victory at Worlds 2005

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