24.06.2007 Gjolme & Roenning are first in Krageroe
  24 june were classic snow-sprints (1 km and 100 m) for norwegian national teams in Krageroe.
  Ella Gjolme was first with 2:39 result in 1-kilometer sprint.
2. Marit Bjorgen.
3. Gurmo Strom Solli.
4. Vibeke Skofterud.
5. Theresa Johaug.
  However, Gurmo Solli fought Ella in 100-meters superfinal with result 15,7 sec (15,78 by Gjolme).
  Eldar Roenning was first in mens kilometer sprint.

  Source: Langrenn.
Gurmo (to left) and Ella are finishing in 100-meters supersprint / Langrenn
2. Marit Bjorgen
The Winner: Ella Gjolme
3. Gurmo Strom Solli
4. Vibeke Skofterud
5. Theresa Johaug

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