Victories for Bjorgen and The Sausage
Published: Mon Jul 30, 2007 2:00 AM MDT
Updated: Mon Jul 30, 2007 11:43 AM MDT

Fridays downtown Sandnes race was 7.8 kilometer for women and 11.7 for men. Marit Bjrgen won the womens race in an event that included several sprint laps where the three skiers at the tail-end of each lap were pulled from the race.
Fun and spectator friendly were some of the comments. ystein Pettersen won the mens race.

Pettersen and Marit Bjrgen also won Saturdays sprint races
Marit Bjrgen won both the semifinal and the finale in Saturdays sprint race with a good margin ahead of Astrid Urenholdt Jacobsen. Ella Gjmle was third.

ystein Pettersen dominated the mens sprint race and won ahead of the surprise of the day, junior skier Sindre Wiig-Nordby. Hans Petter Lykkja was third.

The conditions were difficult during Saturdays sprint with lots of rain and wet blacktop. Pettersen lost a pole tip in the finish sprint but was able to hold on for the victory.


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