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19. Moderator   (21.12.2010 21:01)
Moderator keep and will keep all messages with cheater guilties to Marit side only from democratic reasons. But it will be a great request to all site visitors - be polite and let''s try to motivate your opinion.To all Yustyna fans - be happy - it''s Tour de Ski soon - Yustyna should be first just by one reason :) Happy New Year to all site visitors and wait to surprise in 2011!!!

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18. FIS   (18.12.2010 12:33) E-mail

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17. Julia   (23.03.2010 09:58) E-mail
Nie widz powodu, dla ktorego miaіabym to robiж. Justyna jest wielka i Marit jest wielka. Kocham je obie za sport!

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16. Kama   (23.03.2010 09:35)
Cheater!! Julia wez mlotek i walnij sie w czolo!

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15. Julia   (21.03.2010 22:38) E-mail
Happy birthday from Poland Marit!
I love you!:)

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14. unimatrix_zero   (21.03.2010 09:12) E-mail
Happy birthday Marit,
all the best wishes from Germany, healthy and success. Have a nice day and fun with your sweethearts

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13. natali   (18.03.2010 14:32) E-mail
Marit ты самая лучшая , упорная и обоятельная чемпионка, я тебя обожаю!!! моя мечта увидеть тебя воочию.

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12. barmaley   (18.03.2010 14:13) E-mail
не понял

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11. unimatrix_zero   (14.03.2010 19:04) E-mail
Marit Congratulations, what a fantastic weekend. Three wins and you''ve really looked worn out in the sprint semi-finals. I did not expect a victory in the finals! Hats off! Insane performance! But now at least 4 days regeneration because the body also needs a heroine recovery. Today I am running myself 20KM and endurance in the field is closed tomorrow.... I love your powerful running performance
God bless you

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10. Jacek   (14.03.2010 14:09) E-mail
Not only that juggler, a foul and violently overtaking.

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9. unimatrix_zero   (13.03.2010 16:28) E-mail
You`re my heroine!
Super spurt today at KM 28,7, that`s the way it is!!
Do you know that I can walk over the water? Like the personal jesus :-).
Good luck for the sprint tomorrow.....

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8. marynika   (13.03.2010 12:55) E-mail
i''m not gonna say that u''re cheater, but your manners isn''t OK for another athlete.
Justyna fell over, cause U stepped on her ski.

U''re great athlete... u''ll be the gratest if u discontinue medicines for asthma and if u start to compete on the same rules with other runners!

I wish u still triumph

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7. unimatrix_zero   (12.03.2010 12:20) E-mail
Hey Marit,
Afer your great sprint win yesteray the Worldcup should be possible. You can get I take it!!
You are innocent for Justynas downfall!!
Good luck for the 30KM Start on saturday. I´m on TV and hold my thumbs, but I know, you will win!!

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6. Moderator   (10.03.2010 22:22)
Important - all messages with abuse will be delete. Please - be polite!

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5. unimatrix_zero   (07.03.2010 15:07) E-mail
I''ve be proved correct, there was no doubt. Congratulation to your win yesterday and today in Lathi. You`rent a cheater. God bless you I love you and I hope to see you on Tour de Ski in 2010 in Düsseldorf. Have fun and be lucky

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